Your Financial Peace Stories 9

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  • Because it has brought up regret over past mistakes – I’ve been going through the “if only” syndrome. I wish I’d gone through this series in my early 20’s – I would have handled my finances much differently. (arrow down)
  • I have grown more in the last couple months than I have in the last couple of years. I feel more intimately connected with God than I have in such a long time. Thank you – God’s blessing on you. My wife and I are working together on the budget. I’m more patient with my kids.
  • My husband and I have barely worked on the small group homework, but this series put us on the right track and are we FINALLY agree on tithing, savings, spending and the order of those things. We are both working together now instead of clashing over and over on priorities and spending habits. Even though we’re still behind on money, I feel peace because there’s hope when we’re communicating and working together.
  • I feel fortunate that we are not experiencing job loss or insecurity at this time. We have been able to minister to friends and help them through a difficult time. Thank you for this wonderful series.