Your Financial Peace Stories 6

More stories from the 3x5 cards:

  • My turbulence will be in the coming months, but I will leverage what I’ve learned to surrender to peace.
  • I better understand my role of influencing my family and the teams I work with daily.
  • Learned to view all our money as God’s – attempt to check with God before spending His money.
  • We’ve been blessed financially and have had good budgeting. However, it was a huge eye opener on learning more on tithing. We are increasing and need to increase more. Bless you for all your insight.
  • I lost my job, trusted God, and He blew me away. Working part time and on unemployment. My new job brings God’s Kingdom to others who really need me.
  • What fools we have been financially. But what a great peace that He will lead us out of it if we are only to follow.