Your Financial Peace Stories 5

More from the 3x5 cards:

  • I’ve lost the defensiveness and frustration I used to have when discussing finances with my husband. Re-realizing everything belongs to God is an important truth to be reminded of constantly.
  • This series would have meant much more 2 -3 yrs. ago but because of the issues we face now, it’s hard to put money away when it’s more urgent to buy and store food.
  • I have had financial security for many years. Owning my own business has afforded my family many things, but we have not given back enough to God. The past weeks God has been asking me to change. I will take steps to do so.
  • Learned to grow in faith, how to get out of debt God’s way, be more of a giver, use your money God’s way. I pray now before I buy or before I spend money and see if we need it and if God is going to be pleased on what I buy and use my money. Pray daily on how I can use my money for God’s glory.