Your Financial Peace Stories

Here are some of the stories I got back on the 3x5 cards:

  • Quite literally over the past six months or so we have gone from having hundreds of thousands of savings to zero through "investment" losses. Ye, through this period, I have come to realize I was too focused  on the worldly goal of gaining wealth, not focused on good stewardship. Despite actually being net debtors now, instead of reasonably wealthy ($), I feel like we are better prepared to go forward with a more stable view of money, resources, talents, and opportunities. We/I will be better stewards to God, my spouse, church and children.
  • I took your challenge to begin tithing by starting somewhere (regardless of how little) and building from there.
  • 100% more at peace now that I have a written plan and a trust and commitment to God. It all belongs to him! GREAT SERIES!!
  • As a result of this series my peace quotient has significantly improved. I am very happy, happier than I have been in many years. My relationships have improved due to the joining of our small group and the financial series.(Arrow up with note: "To the moon!)
  • Peace way up! Relationally this has been awesome--for first time in nineteen years of marriage we communicate about $.

More posts coming on this.