Tim's First Whopper

I found out a few months ago that Tim Bubar had not ever eaten a Whopper! So I asked him to wait until I'd take him. Today was the day. I'm the right person for this because the Whopper wasn't just my favorite hamburger and fast food as a kid...it was my favorite food, period. That's no longer so, but here are my credentials.

  • As a senior in high school I'd fast every other day so I'd have enough cash to go to BK on the other days (those were the days you wouldn't even dream of just asking for more money).
  • When we moved from Milwaukee back to Miami as a kid, I was as excited about being able to go to BK again as I was about going to the beach again.
  • I still stick my nose into my bag of food from BK to drink in the aroma and feel nostalgic.

He liked it. He really liked it.