First-time Guest Comments

Here are the comments we received from the postcard we send first-time attenders:


  • Communion was too casual; almost irreverent. Music was good, message different but moving. Folks were friendly.
  • The service I attended was not your “typical” service? We watched a video. I was surprised at the lack of reference communion had – maybe this was not typical of other services? I will need other services to find out what is “normal.” First impression was good – your pastor did  notice I was new and stopped and chatted – I appreciated that. Do you have a Women’s Ministry?
  • Loved the music!
  • People seemed very friendly but nobody talked to us. We have been there several times. The sermon was great and the music was wonderful. The lights get distracting, or at least the strobe light was. These were our first impressions. So hope it helps!