First-time Guest Comments

Here are the latest comments we got back from the post-card sent to first-time attenders:


  • Love the service and the nursery. Standing for all the songs at the beginning was a little long as I am pregnant.
  • I just moved from Eagan and attended Cedar Valley Church – which I loved. I knew as soon as I walked into Five Oaks - I found a new warm place to meet friends and belong. 
  • We had a great experience, it felt like we where right at home and will more than likely join the church.
  • Love, love, love the modern contemporary music selection!! The praise team and band were great. Enjoyed the multi-media aspects that added to the pastor’s message/sermon. The idea of getting a fresh cup of Caribou coffee saves me one extra stop in the morning. Moved up from Georgia, searching for a new church to replace the one down there has been a long road. Maybe my search is over. I will be back!
  • I have enjoyed your worship time – but I think coming in the first time to the first financial sermon probably hasn’t showed me enough about the church. Can’t wait to see more. We do have a home church, but I am the only one who will be attending this church.


  • We wish the youth would meet some where locally – not with the Woodbury church.