The Dream is Still Alive

Images I have this dream that was in danger Friday night. You see, we had our second annual staff party with a food contest last Friday. Staff members enter in a category (I was in the appetizer category) and the staff and spouses vote on best in the category.

I brought the recipe that I think is going to make me a million dollars at the State Fair some day. It's plantain chips with a Cuban mojo sauce on top that is simply awesome.

But Keith brought scallops wrapped in bacon. Scallops wrapped in bacon!!!! Sorry Jonathan, I don't  remember what you brought. :-) Anyway, I complained bitterly because that seems more like an entre to me. My big fear was that I'd lose in this contest and my dream would die. (If I can't beat these chumps, how am I going to get this to the Fair?) In spite of Keith's cheating ways, I won the appetizer context and the dream lives on! ...And Keith still has a job.