First Impressions Update

After the last batch I was holding my breath when I opened this one. Much better. Here are the comments from the cards we send first-time attenders. Also included is a comment left on a post.


  • I will be coming again next Sunday and I want to see how it is going to be weekly and to get into some of the classes would be good too!
  • Thank you for being so welcoming to our family.
  • Comment left on a post: Hi! I came to your church for the first time on Saturday Dec. 13th and all I can say is WOW! I have never been to a church that is so in tune with what I am looking for. The entrance to the building was welcoming, smelled fabulous and as a newcomer was very comforting. The technology you use is impressive and being a 30 something is exactly what I am looking for in a church home. The fact that you have a blog, blew me away. Not at all what I imagine when I think of church. I loved your message and the music was great! Thank you so much. I will be there next Saturday! I AM HUNGRY!