More on the Reliability of the Bible

Lee Strobel has an interesting web site with short videos on a number of topics related to the field of apologetics. Here's one he has on a topic someone raised with me after the service this morning. This person had seen the Bill Maher's new film, Religulous, and he admits it shook him up a bit. (Here's a review from Christianity Today.)

The issue is whether central features of Christianity were taken/borrowed/stolen from popular myths. This question is actually quite complex since a historically based faith will take shape in that culture's language and philosophy. It will borrow language and images that help communicate it's central message with the world of its day. In addition, myths can often reflect God revealed truths that have been "corrupted" in that culture over time. And there are other issues as well. But Strobel does a good job of dealing quickly with a very complex topic in a short time (about five minutes).

I've removed the embedded video since it starts up by itself and doesn't shut up. You can watch it here.