More from Marshall Goldsmith

I quoted Marshall Goldsmith's blog from Harvard Business Review at Leadership Community this past weekend. Here's the question and the first part of his answer. But you've got to see what he says in the last part of his answer.

I'm just entering the workforce and it is really stressful. With all the global and economic turmoil, do you have any advice for someone who is just getting started in the workforce?

The advice I have to give to young people from the West who are just entering the workforce is simple. In this new era of uncertainty, we all need to think like entrepreneurs.

...A few final points:

  • Forget about taking a year off.
  • Don't spend your adult years "finding yourself."
  • Unless you are rich, don't buy the flat-screen TV. When you are poor, live life as a poor person; don't try to live like a rich person.
  • And, like any great entrepreneur, invest your time and money in your future.