"IT Came to Pass..."

Our new Christmas series starts right after Thanksgiving. It will focus on Luke 1-2. I'm still tweaking things, so some titles could change, but for now, this is the plan.

"IT Came to Pass"
Have you found IT yet...the IT that came to pass that first Christmas? IT changed everything. IT may seem impossible but IT will helps us face our greatest fears. IT probably isn't what you think IT is. IT’s more than you can imagine. Experience IT this Christmas at Five Oaks Church.

Message Titles:

  • "Finding IT" (Nov 29/30)
  • "When IT Seems Impossible" (Dec 6/7)
  • "IT Can Help me Face My Biggest Fears" (Dec 13/14)
  • "When IT Comes to Pass" (Dec 20/21)
  • "IT's More than You Could Imagine" (Christmas Eve Services at the Woodbury Campus only)