First Impressions Update...PLUS

Here are the latest comments from the cards we send guests. I'll make a couple of comments after the report. Read on down.


  • Really enjoyed the service – both message and worship. We felt a little “left out” and overwhelmed by the crowd – afraid it will be hard to meet people.


  • Wish it was more personal. Seemed like we were watching a movie not in church. Praise and worship was great!!

Just an FYI for our congregation. Everyone who signs in when they visit get a first-time guest letter than explains some things, including our commitment to small groups and Discovery. So even thought the Woodbury commenters felt it might be too big, they will learn that we have an answer to that. It may nto be what they're looking for, but it might help. Also, they will see this in the At-a-Glance piece we give out (and we've been giving out a lot of those lately). We send a different letter for each successive visit helping people get a little more information each time.

Regarding the Hudson comment: One of the advantages of having a long-term campus pastor will be that he will take more of the beginning and end of the message each week, personalizing it a lot more. But a video sermon isn't for everyone. But it is for a lot of people! A huge amount of people. It's working everywhere and has some distinct advantages. But, like anything else, it's not for everyone.