Endorsing a Presidential Candidate

In the last week of our Memo2theNextPresident.com series I'll be departing from the pattern we've been following. The text will be Romans 13 and the title is "Correctly Political." 

You may remember that several weeks ago several pastors across the nation endorsed particular presidential candidates in their sermons that week. The stories in the news were about how they might be putting their tax exempt status in jeopardy. There's also a legal group that will defend their churches and hopes to take it to the Supreme Court to overturn the relatively recent law forbidding churches from recommending particular candidates. 

I'll tell you this week why I think it's a bad idea for a church or the pastor of a church to recommend presidential candidates in any "official" manner. And my reasons have nothing to do with our tax exempt status. 
That's not all I'll be talking about. Part of bringing Christ to everyday life is to be a compassionate citizen, active in the community and in our nation for good and for the Kingdom of God. Our vocation in our world is much more important and impacting than recommending particular candidates or policy measures. Don't miss the last week of our series if you can help it.