Assessing Candidates

I'm doing a little multi-tasking--watching the big debate, reading some blogs and writing posts. Very interesting debate and there will be many surprised pundits, don't you think? I have to admit, I'm surprized.

Here's some interesting advice on choosing a candidate from one of America's most respected executive coaches, Marshall Goldsmith:

My suggestions for you – as a voter:

• Ignore word games that are being used to trap all three candidates.
• Accept the fact that all three have supporters who may say and do crazy things.
• Assume that all three are decent, intelligent people who want to do what is right for our country.
• Analyze the most significant challenges that will face our country over the next four years.
• Listen to each candidates plan to meet these challenges.
• Choose the candidate that you believe will do the best job.
• Don’t feel a need to crucify the other candidates to prove that yours is superior.