Sending Versus Splitting

Having talked about multiplying as part of our DNA this past weekend, I want to clarify the difference between sending and splitting. Most people think that multiplying a small group means cutting it down the middle and starting two groups. One of our learnings over the past few years, though, is that sending a few people out works best in most cases. There are several keys in making this work:

  • Leadership: Strong, trained leaders are needed for the going and the staying. The best way to develop leaders is through apprenticeship. But our leader orientation is also a key element. The group leaders can go, but be sure to leave strong leadership behind. Or the apprentice leader can leave and personally challenge some others to go pioneer a new group.
  • Vision: The group needs to be reminded from day one that it's about discipleship, community and mission. Part of that means the group will likely grow and eventually will multiply. That means some people will be called to go and take a few folks with them. Don't just talk to the group, talk to individuals about this. Get them to the orientation for some vision casting. Bring them to Leadership Community too.
  • Celebration: Make a multiplication into a celebration. Having a baby is painful, but you don't mourn when you've had one. Sending your kids off to school or college or marriage is hard, but you don't celebrate it with them. Celebrate the birth of a new group.