New Service Times at Woodbury Campus Starting in October

We're changing the Sunday service times at the Woodbury campus on the first Sunday in October when we launch our "Memo to the Next President" outreach series. The new times are 9:30 and 11 a.m. If you inadvertently show up early on that Sunday don't despair! We'll have some nice snacks for you because that's a "Big Day" event as we launch a new outreach series.

The reason for the change is to get a better balance between our first and second service. We are running out of room at the second service and we hope, based on a trend in church times for churches like ours, that this will help many of you to shift over to the first service. Come for church and go out to brunch afterward. Or get home in plenty of time for kick-off. (Is there anything else we can say to help you make the switch!). The later service is the favorite for guests, so we need room. Please make the change if possible. Thanks!