Please don't send me to Africa

New Friend Share There's an old camp song about not wanting to be sent to Africa. Well, Lois was born there and lived in Liberia until she was eight. And my oldest son, Henry Michael, just came back from Ghana where he and a Campus Crusade team from Eau Claire helped the Ghana U team launch their ministry year. One of the things he was looking most forward to on this experience was some personal sharing of the gospel (most of his mission work has been around building in Haiti, cleaning up in New Orleans and activities with Mexican orphans). He had the opportunity to lead four students in making first-time decisions to follow Christ and the big event went off really well. Lots more decisions made there. And hopefully all this will help the team in Ghana keep the work going. By the way, he assures me that the guy he had the choke hold on loved it.
UofG Team