Victor's 1959 Cafe

Several people have taken a ride out to Victor's in Minneapolis lately for Cuban food and asked for my recommendations. Victor's makes pretty authentic stuff. As Victor told me, he tries to cook what his dad cooked while he was growing up. Seems he's been adding some new twists over time (actually, he's no longer running the restaurant), but the basics are all there, at least speaking from my own experience.

Here's what I recommend for supper:

Appetizer: Yuca Frita (Casava in English) if you like garlic and lime flavors (ask for extra mojo on the side, the sauce that goes on it, or it will be a bit dry). Also, you might want to try the Empanadas (beef).

Main dish (things I grew up eating and we make at home): Picadillo a la Cubana, Ropa Vieja, Fricasee de Pollo, and Bistec Encebollado.

With the main dishes: Be sure to get a mixture of side dishes (they will mix and match) that includes black beans with white rice and platanos maduros. The other stuff is fine, you just have to make sure you get these in the mix.

Dessert recommendation: Xango!Chango! (variation on stuff I ate growing up) and while I've never had this there, if you want a very typical Cuban dessert, try the Cascos de Guayaba y queso crema (I ate this for dessert at least three times per week with Cuban crackers).

I haven't had lunch there, but If I were going for lunch, I think I would order their Cuban sandwich and Cuban steak sandwich, both standards.

Top it off with a Cafe con Leche.

I love breakfast there too. Just been once. My mom said it wasn't very typical Cuban but it does use uniquely Cuban ingredients in some very interesting and delicious ways.