More on Chicago

Most definitely not a waste of a day out in Chicago. This tool Heartland Community Church is developing with the help of an investor group (to the tune of $5 million plus) promises to be a great tool for spiritual growth and it's going to be fun to get in on this at the ground level. It's basically a tool that helps you assess your spiritual growth and builds a custom spiritual growth plan that fits how God has wired you, your season in life, spiritual maturity, etc. And the plan is basically two months in length before it's revised and renewed. You can give others (like family or your mentor or your small group) access to your plan for mutual encouragement.

A for instance: You process things by talking them through and journaling does nothing for you. This tool picks that up and recommends classic spiritual practices that can be done in a way that fits you. It might recommend that you pray scripture out loud and avoid journaling.

There are so many dimensions to this that I can't do it justice here. But this fall we'll be looking for guinea pigs (and I'm first in line) to use this before it's launched nationally a year or more from now. They have a great video introduction, so I'll let you when and where we'll be showing it so you can opt in. I'm fairly confident that almost every spiritually maturing believer in Five Oaks that sees this thing in action want to opt in. So more is still to come.