Making an Eternal "First Impression"

This is from a post by Tony Morgan about NewSpring Church. I love this:

Earlier this week, I mentioned we had a gentleman visit our services this past weekend who had not attended church in over 30 years. Turns out there’s more to the story.

One of our volunteers, let’s call him Dan, greeted him and welcomed him to NewSpring. When Dan learned it had been some time since the man had been in church, he offered to sit through the service with him/

The experience on Sunday turned out to be a great reminder for Dan that every interaction means something. He shared how you never know when a simple greeting may lead to “a life changing decision.”

That’s exactly what happened. As it turns out, the man who hadn’t visited a church in 30 years heard the Gospel on Sunday in the middle of a message about sex. He accepted Christ. He got a new start.

At NewSpring, we expect people like this man to show up every week. When you have that perspective, it changes how you greet visitors at the front door and a whole lot more.