First Impressions Update

Here are the comments from the cards we send first-time guests:


  • I enjoyed the message “Personalities.” I felt God used you to open my eyes to immediate concerns in my life. I was definitely to visit your church and hear what God had layed on your heart.
  • Greeters were very friendly. We felt very welcome and are looking forward to making this our church home.


  • We’re planning on visiting again.
  • I felt welcomed by the greeters, but like all churches, people don’t necessarily greet new people, but stay/talk within their friends. The only person who spoke to me personally was 1st timer like myself and she sat next to me in the theatre. Music was wonderful, inspiring, talented, joyful. Service was creative and life-giving, but as it stands (right now) I can’t say it would meet the needs of everyone – (but) that’s why we have freedom of religion and can find a dusty old church if we want; yuk! I do drama and was a little disappointed at the taped drama; but I understand the limits. [FYI: We do live drama too at Hudson.] Communion should be Biblically explained every time and the elements taken together as a body; otherwise it’s another ritual without thought. A big thank you to all the people who put the time in every Sunday to bring church body to a theatre. God rocks!