Essentials Multiplied

The reason I think Discipleship Essentials has such long-term potential goes beyond the material we're covering. I think the content is vitally important. Our chapter on Worship (and the holiness of God), for example, is one of the most critical lessons any follower of Christ can begin to learn.

Covering these topics, memorizing Scripture, the reading...all of these are catalysts for growth. Doing them in the context of small groups of three or four (no more, no less) is essential. But the greatest impact will come as everyone who is participating goes out and engages two or three more people and leads their own 25-week group. And then does it again. And again. And so on.

Leading others through the same material is where explosive growth begins for any disciple. And the more people go through this in our church and beyond, the greater depth and dedication to Christ we'll see in our small groups, evangelistic outreach and compassion work locally and around the world. I don't expect to start seeing momentum on this for two or three years, but when we do, I can't wait to see what will happen.