Very Simple, No Agenda, Cheap

Del1 Del2 Del5 Great feeling to wake up and not have anything you have to do. We're on day three of our very simple, no agenda vacation in CA. We're sitting in coffee shop in Del Mar, our favorite beach town in the San Diego area. Lois is doing some writing, so I'm doing some blogging. When we woke up on Wednesday and realized we had nothing we had to do, absolutely nothing, we were a little giddy after weeks of going pretty strong.

We're staying at Pine Valley Bible Conference Center, about 45 miles due east of San Diego on Hwy 8, a straight shot into the mountains. They have a special deal for pastors. Very simple, nothing fancy room. The last two days we've walked to breakfast on main street in Pine Valley, four miles round trip, in the dry, hot sunshine, marveling at the beauty of the desert mountains, huge pine trees and serene quiet and getting all caught up on stuff.

We did this last year, too. No plans for the week except to read, hike and soak in some sun on the beach (if June Gloom doesn't set in...yes, San Diego in June isn't always sunny). The U.S. Open is in a few short miles south of where we are right now, but we managed to avoid traffic. The cool, sunny day couldn't be nicer. Very refreshing.