Leadership Community

David Gafford and I are headed out to Community Christian Church in Naperville this week to participate in their "Hitchhikers Guide to Multi-site." I have a million questions I want to ask and lots I want to see. But the main purpose for going to is watch and learn how they do their "Leadership Community." They're one of the best practices churches I know of on this and I expect to learn a lot as we launch our Leadership Community in September.

So what is Leadership Community, you ask? It's a regular gathering (for us, every other month this next ministry year) of leaders where we can do vision casting, huddling and ongoing training. This is for small group leaders and coaches, children's  and youth leaders, First Impressions leaders...all church leaders. Imagine all of us reminded regularly why we do what we do, hearing stories of how God is working, making sure we're all on the same page and inspired together, huddling with coaches and coordinators to improve our skills and do problem solving, laughing and celebrating together....and so much more. That's Leadership Community.

But we still have a lot to learn about how to make that time productive, inspiring and worth the time for busy leaders. That's one of the goals of this trip, in addition to learning more about multi-site.