Big Day Tomorrow and Some Other Stuff

Our first day at the Hudson 12 Theatre is on my mind a lot while I'm on vacation. I hate being away, but even if I was there, I'd be "away" in Woodbury, most likely. In any case, I'm praying and I'll be calling tomorrow to hear how it all went.

Just finished Season of a Life: A Football Star, A Boy, A Journey to Manhood. Great book on fatherhood, true masculinity, coaching sports, leading youth and high school football all rolled into one. Recommended to Lois and me by the Porters. Short read but filled with good stuff.

Not sure where we're going to church tomorrow, but likely will be North Coast, one of the leading multi-site churches in the country and a place I've been to a lot over the years. Always like to see what they're up to now.