Relevance Conference (Eagle Brook) - Session One

About ten of us, staff and leaders, are at Eagle Brook for their one-day Relevance conference. Great opening sketch (very funny) and worship music.

Bob Merritt - "Recapture Your Mission"

  • In ministry, sometimes feels like we’re standing in the middle of a swamp, wondering if it’s really
  • With a little bit of faith and a little bit of action, miracles still happen. (Matt. 17:6 - Mustard seed faith.)
  • Have to take a tiny step of faith... Story about losing keys in a swamp, praying and taking a step of faith to look...
  • There are times when the clarity you need will only come through prayer and fasting.
  • God speaks to leaders in ways different from everyone else...lots of responsibility and sometimes don’t want it.
  • Story: Recapturing their mission at Eagle Brook...Car dealer story...antenna was up for real people with real needs...
  • Learning #1: Leadership 101 - What’s the problem? Am I willing to own up? How will I involve key leaders? What is the strategic plan to address the problem?
  • Learning #2: People love a compelling cause. People want to be stirred and hate to be bored.
  • Learning #3: Alignment is powerful. Focus the whole congregation in every way possible.
  • Learning #4: Risk is required. No guarantee it would work. You know it’s a God-sized risk if failure will hurt badly.
  • What if they had ignored the problem of stagnant growth and done business as usual?