Relevance Conference (Eagle Brook) - Session Two

"Refill Your Tank" - Amy Anderson

  • 3 Basic Project Models: (1) from scratch; (2) hamburger helper; (3) hot pockets
  • Examples of each (you had to be there): All very good.
  • Creative Process: (1) Message Plan from Bob (6 - 9 months); (2) Prioritize (not all series are created equal; inreach and outreach); (3) Pass the info on; (4) Creative Team looks at details and messages to after best opportunities; (5) Produce the project (if short term, use “hot pockets” but weeks out can do from scratch or hamburger helper).
  • Sometimes you have to stop doing some things to focus on the best opportunities. Example: When Eagle Brook stopped doing different styles of services this last year to focus and launch new campus.