Dscf3046_2 Dscf3045Great weekend with the Karen at both campuses. The meal they made for us on Saturday night was delicious. The crowd was huge. Those of us at the end of the line missed the noodles, rice, the round sausage things and the pancake-like things (okay, so I'm not up to speed on Karen cuisine). But never fear, there's always kids around who don't eat all their food and I'm not too picky...so I got to taste it all. The sausage I almost missed was fabulous and very garlicy. Stayed with me all night, according to Lois...but it was worth it.

Pray for the Karen's home country (Myanmar, formerly Burma), which has been hit by a cyclone. Thousands are feared dead. Did you know the latest Rambo installment takes place in Myanmar? I haven't seen it, but that's what I've been told.

Don't forget about the informational meeting on Tuesday night this week at the Woodbury campus. Find out how you or your small group can help Karen refugees settle in.