Another Missions Partner Update from China

Please lift us up immediately!  As you know we experienced an earthquake here in our city this past Monday afternoon.  We have had many afterschocks, yesterday a fairly substantial one.  Tonight we are having a thunder and lightening storm.  No big deal to us Wisconsin/Minnesotanites right?  Right!  Accept in our 3 plus years here we have had very few storms and even rarer to hear thunder and see lightening. 

So why the concern?  One of the big fears around town is that some of the hard hit mountain cities also have dams which have been cracked by the quakes and there are already fears of them breaking.  One dam in particular is very large and would result in the flooding of much of our city-home to over ten million people. 

Many people are currently living outdoors out of fear of a recurring quake and further structural damage if not collapse of their highrise buildings.  Also many of the relief efforts are still underway night and day as we approach 135 hours the race is closing. 

Several of our local friends and teammates are staying in these mountainous places volunteering with rescue and medical operations.  We fear their safety and those they have gone to help.  Please pray for these dear people.  That all would cry out to Him who is able to keep them and that God in His mercy would spare us from another tragedy of a flood.  Thanks!

Sleepless in Sichuan