Staff Retreat

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Our Staff Leadership Team is in WI on our annual retreat. This is our culmination of lots of input from about people in the congregation and the beginnings of developing our next ministry year's strategic ministry plan. We go from Sunday evening until Wednesday noon. Monday started with a prayer time. Then we looked at all the input from the SWOT analysis groups and the "I love Five Oaks but I wish we..." exercises. Primarily, we looked for patterns and found several.

In the afternoon we developed what I'm calling a momentum plan for this next ministry year. We believe this plan will address many of the issues brought up in the input sessions. It all came together amazingly fast, primarily because we've been talking and processing and thinking on this now for a couple of months.

The evening included a walk, dinner, cards (golf...we have a nickname for Deb Johnson...Negative Deb for her low scores) and a movie ("Once" on Monday night and "Dan in Real Life" on Sunday). So far very productive and lots of fun and laughter.