Dscf3028 Dscf3033 Dscf3034 Dscf3035 One of the first things we did on our strategic planning retreat a couple of weeks ago was process tons of input. We looked for patterns in strengths, things people want to see happen at Five Oaks, opportunities, etc. Here were the top four areas of needed improvement:

  • Volunteers: More volunteers and deeper commitments to the ministry.
  • Small Groups: Better resourcing of groups and leaders.
  • Campus Events: More campus events like the Coffee House.
  • Music: Same base, but add more variety.

Here are some of the initiatives we're planning for next year:

  • Leadership Community: A gathering for all Five Oaks leaders that will be fast-paced, fun, informative, inspiring and instructive on the second Saturday (9:00 - 10:30 a.m.) in September, November, January and March. Second Saturday in May will be the all-volunteer appreciation brunch. Leadership Community is about equipping leaders and raising commitment.
  • Curriculum Options: Offer very specific, targeted options for small groups to use when they opt out of Group Life for a few weeks to focus on a need in their group (e.g., parenting, marriage, in-depth Bible study).
  • Equipping Seminars: More Sunday morning seminars at the Woodbury campus (with small group options for Saturday nighters and Hudson.
  • Campus Events: Four major connection events for campuses.
  • Variety in Music: Find ways to offer more variety, including hymns led by the piano, concerts, pre- and post- service music by the band, etc.