One of my favorite things to do on my day off is to go to one of my favorite coffee shops, Swede Hollow, have my quiet time, read the paper, read a book and drink a Cubano.

A Cubano is their version of a Cuban cafe con leche (coffee with milk or a type of latte). It's my second favorite I've ever had. My first is from a little window cafe across the street from where I grew up in Hialeah, Florida. I've taken a few people to have Cubano's and they love them (beware, it's super sweet, sweetened with brown sugar). The foam on top is super thick and this place does everything with style, so expect a small "fern" shape on top of the foam and a piece of dark chocolate on the rim. I'm here right now and the place is buzzing.

The building is an old one, converted into this coffee shop. It was once a small hospital/clinic. There's a guy across form me that is always here when I come and is always with a group of folks talking and laughing (one lady has the most piercing laugh and I might have to put my earphones in to survive). Turns out he's part of an Irish band. He's in a picture on a poster on the wall publicizing a St. Patrick's Day Irish dance tonight.

Swede Hollow is named after the St. Paul neighborhood  where it's located, close to Metropolitan State University in St. Paul on 7th Street (I think). Google it to get directions, and try it out some time. Let me know how you like it.