Raw and Uncensored…Sort of (Part 5)

My analysis:

  • Too much "go" and not enough "grow": It's not that all the people who left didn't like the "go" part that I harped on most of the year (emphasizing P.E.A.C.E. and the Hudson campus launch). Some were very involved in "going." It's that I did not do enough on the personal spiritual growth side. (Part of that for many includes doing more Bible book based message series. There's a hunger for that, and I enjoy doing it. And I haven't really done enough of them for quite some time.) So, what was I thinking? I felt deeply and still do that the cutting edge for personal spiritual growth in our church was/is in "going." I still do believe that our "evangelicalism" is out of balance and has neglected a big (no, huge) portion of Scripture. But I also believe I lost balance. It's "both/and" but it came across as "either/or."

I have a few more points in my analysis, but I'll put them into a series of posts.