Necessity is the Mother

Necessity is the mother of invention. It's been fun coming up with some ways to get the word out about our February outreach series that costs little or no money.

Our one big cost will be a billboard on I94. This will give the Hudson campus a big boost and will have some residual affects on the Woodbury campus. The billboard ad for launching Hudson brought families to the Hudson campus almost every week for three months (we paid for one month but they kept it up for three).

That was way beyond our expectations. We'd get two for the February outreach series (one for each campus) but it's too expensive. We budget less than 1% for traditional marketing (getting the word out in mailers, newspapers, etc.). We did, however, ask for a discount on the one we are getting and they took off about 15% from the cost! Necessity made us ask.

More (the really fun, inexpensive stuff) in my next post.