Necessity is the Mother (Part 2)

Necessity is the mother of invention. As we approach getting the word out about our February outreach series we've had some fun coming up with new, inexpensive ideas.

The series is called and is based on John 5, where Jesus asks the paralytic man if he wants to get better. The man has been sitting by a healing pool for twenty years, just told Jesus he's been there waiting to be healed for twenty years, and Jesus asks, "Do you want to get better."

Reality is, we don't always want to change for the better. The want has to be there. Then the power. Jesus is the power in that story and in our story. This series will introduce people to the one who has the power to change our lives for the good, but it will also focus on transformation way beyond the beginner level. This outreach series will go deep.

So how can we get the word out?

  • By mobilizing our entire congregation to be spiritually aware and bold in their personal witness. January's series digs deep into John 4, the interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan woman, the interaction between the Samaritan woman and her village and the interaction between Jesus and the village. We'll combine that with some material and curriculum from Zondervan and Bill Hybels called "Just Walk Across the Room" to burn the value of evangelism into every one of our hearts...and to mobilize us to take action. Marketing cost: Not a cent. Impact: eternal.

More in my next post.