I can hardly contain myself

My Christmas is coming early this year. The first major present arrived yesterday...Radio Drive opened up! Aside from the obvious advantages of that (like, people who want to check out the Woodbury campus will be able to  find us and people will actually drive by it regularly again), I can get to Caribou, the YMCA and other locations without (1) driving on a dirt road and (2) tripling the time to get there or back. I really can hardly contain myself. I'm so excited.

On the other hand, I've discovered I love my new route to the Woodbury campus and will continue to use it, even though it's a little longer. The drive Military from Bailey to Radio is simply beautiful and good for my soul. (I also like driving faster with less stop lights and stop signs.)

My other present may come just after Christmas. It's a T1 line (i.e., super fast) for the internet at the Woodbury campus. You cannot even imagine the fits we have had with land lines and our satellite dish over the years. Horrible. Loss of work time. Inability to do work at work. We have not been able to get DSL or cable because of our location. Thanks to our volunteer, hard working facilities director, Bryan Goff, we're getting a T1 line! I can hardly wait to unwrap it. This will not only help our office, but eventually we should be able to do some WiFi stuff. Not sure about that, but it's more likely.

If everyone who would normally give me a present for Christmas simply wrapped a note that said "Radio Drive and T1," and gave me nothing else, I think I'd have a big smile on my face at the end of the day. Of course, next year they'd get only notes from me reminding them that Christ was born and see how they do at the end of the day. Hey, I might be on to something...