Young Life & Hugh Hewitt

HughI've been very excited about going to the Young Life banquet this year for quite some time, knowing that Hugh Hewitt would be speaking. I first became acquainted with Hugh when I read his book, The Embarrassed Believer. I wasn't disappointed with his talk. Funny, very well presented and made a great case for Young Life and giving to Young Life. Our friends and fellow small groupers, Greg and Mary Sharpe, chair the local committee and several from our group went in support of the ministry.

Hugh was one of my blogging inspirations. I read his book on blogging before taking the plunge. He's also one of the highest energy people I've ever come across. I know this will sound strange, but one of my favorite reasons for listening to his radio program (which is really hard to hear at this time of year in our area), is that his energy energizes me. Hugh is a great example of a believer doing excellent work and seeking to be an influence in the public square. He has one of the most read political blogs and is a popular talk show host. (By the way, for those who might be wondering, I listen to a whole range of folks from the left to the right.) Great evening and I'm praying Young Life did well!