Movie Recommendations

I usually steer clear of recommending movies since I like most movies I go see (and I usually only go to movies I've "researched"), but we saw Bella last week and Dan in Real Life this week and I think most of you would like them. I loved them.

Bella is a very simple, low budget type of movie that won a major film festival award. You've probably read about this movie. One of the producers spoke for a short bit at the Willow Leadership Summit last year and said that a talk Bill Hybels gave a previous year inspired him to make this movie. We saw Hybels listed in the credits! In any case, this is a beautiful, heart-felt movie. Simple, mind you, but worth seeing and supporting.

We saw Dan in Real Life last night and loved it too. I'm not a critic, so all I can tell you is that it was, for me, a feel good, laugh out loud, tear-up movie. Love those. Great for this season too. One of the things I love about movies like this is it evokes a deep sense of community and a close, active family (it's set at an annual family gathering at the grandparents...a beautiful seaside setting doesn't hurt). As Lois said, "Notice no one was watching TV." This is a family playing games, performing an annual talent show and doing all kinds of goofy stuff. Very Norman Rockwellish, yet messy like real life.