Offsite1 Offsite2 Offsite3Yesterday our staff leadership team had one of our quarterly off-sites for planning and team building. Great day! We used one of the board rooms at the Science Museum. Our focus for the day was the Five Oaks DNA so that we can clearly state what is replicated/reproduced in our campuses and what we don't try to reproduce (at least right away). We finished the day with a visit to the Pompeii exhibit.

We started by brainstorming FAQ we've heard at our two campuses regarding our campuses. Then we worked on defining ten ministry philosophy principles that can offer guidance in answering most questions. The last exercise we completed was honing the ten down to three for an "elevator speech."

All this got tested right away that evening when I attended the Women's Ministry Team meeting (Woodbury Campus). Wayne and I have been visiting teams for our second annual round of ministry team visits to share things that are coming up, to listen and answer questions and to thank the teams for their service. Some of the questions I fielded were directly related to campuses, and our work that day came in handy and proved to be useful. 

Our next step is to answer the many FAQ's, produced a document that has the "elevator speech," ten principles and FAQ's and distribute it to leaders and anyone else that wants it.

Women's Ministry Team (Woodbury Campus) picture: Jenny (director), Rita, Jessie, Julie and Sharon. Val was MIA. I'll have to give her a hard time next time she cuts my hair.