Coming Up

I've been working for several weeks on the series plan following 40 Days. I'm planned up through Easter and have a pretty good idea what will follow Easter. There are two ways to look at what we'll be doing.

On the one hand, we'll be focusing on the Gospel of John for months. On the other hand, we'll be doing a series of series.

Thanksgiving through New Year we'll look at John 1-2 in a series called The Voice or The Voice Revealed. I've got two messages done for that series and will continue to get ahead so we can program other elements and be ready for Group Life. I'm pumped about those first two messages and we're going to produce some programming elements we've never done before. I'm very excited even about what I'll be doing with PowerPoint.

After the New Year we'll plant ourselves on John 4 for several weeks and cover a subject we've not focused on for a long time in a series--personal evangelism. If that word frightens you, relax. I mean it. Relax. You'll love this series, and you'll be inspired. We're going to start filming one of the elements for that series very soon.

I'll wait to tell you what comes after that, but it will take us up to Easter and be one of the most exciting outreaches we've ever done. But not just an outreach because it will be on a topic followers of Christ will really relate to as well.

After Easter I'm thinking about covering several chapters in John that focus on what are known as the "I am's" of Jesus. Maybe an iJesus series to match the iGod series.

John is rich! If you love what we normally do, you're going to get more of that and even better. If you've been hungry for a more "expository" message series, you're getting lots of it in '08. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, come and see.