Harvest and B.A.S.H. in the News

If you live in Woodbury and get the Woodbury Bulletin (or can get your hands on it), there's almost a whole page of pictures from our Harvest and B.A.S.H. events from September. It's great. Props to Ann Paulson, our Communications Director, who gets us in the news all the time (print and television). It's not about publicity, it's about getting the word out about us so that people disconnected from God might get interested, might decide to show up some day and just might get connected to God. It also helps each one of us when we invite. I don't know how many times people find out I'm from Five Oaks and quite genuinely say something like, "I've heard so many good things about your church." Some of you from Five Oaks came after lots of "touches" from our folks or "sightings" like one of the many articles in the Bulletin. I've said it before and will say it again...I love being part of fun, exciting, life-changing church.