First Impressions Weekly Update

Here's the latest comments from first time guests:

Hudson Campus:

  • "I enjoyed joining you last weekend. I'm looking for a church however, I prefer a pastor speaking live. I was impressed with children's ministry. Keep up the good work of God."
  • "Service is a little long. Having Pastor on TV was impersonable."   

Woodbury Campus:

  • "I feel comfortable when I'm there, everyone is friendly :-)"
  • "It's personal preference, but I would like to see more in depth Biblical teaching- expository teaching through the Bible. The kids have also mentioned that there's little Bible teaching and lots of play time. We've enjoyed the worship times and friendly community. We're also really impressed that you solicited feedback!"
  • "I enjoyed the worship and preaching services. When I entered before services, and exiting services not 1 individual greeted me and I felt like an intruder. I hesitated about filling this out since I do not want to imply a critical spirit. Thanks."