The Topic of Sin

One of our guests who returned a First Impression Card commented:

The topic of sin was a bit heavy for me on my first visit. It left me hanging too, but perhaps more will be explained on following Sundays.

Great feedback. Here's my take: I didn't do a good enough job of explaining what sin is. I used a huge chain as a visual that week this person is referring to, but I wish I had spent a few more minutes explaining sin in everyday words and illustrations. I couldn't put my finger on it, but after the weekend I felt I had made a few assumptions regarding the "audience" that I shouldn't have made.

I find that if I speak in plane English with everyday illustrations and explanations, not only do people who are new to the Bible understand it better, Christians who are mired in clich├ęs and long-term misunderstandings of important topics about their faith grow in understanding. I missed an opportunity and I'm thankful for the feedback.