104, 2 and 375

I was blown away by that first number today. 104 is how many volunteers we have helping pull off the Harvest Festival this Saturday at the Woodbury campus!

2 is the number of buses we leased to bring in Karen refugee kids for the Festival. You can help cover the costs when you come by buying a ticket for a Karen kid in addition to tickets for your family. We're not actually charging them to get in, but we need to recover the costs of renting the bus because we didn't budget for this.

With probably over 375 estimated youth coming Saturday evening for B.A.S.H. Night, this is going to be one crazy weekend.

Pray for this day because those numbers represent people and many of those people are guests of our folks...guests who may not know God personally and who will come back and maybe start a spiritual journey here because of a positive experience. I could tell you many stories of youth I know who were introduced to Five Oaks through B.A.S.H. Night. And that introduction led to them being introduced to Christ as they became involved with the student ministries. Pray for all these kids, students and parents.