Leadership Summit - Bill Hybels (2)

HybelsClosing session started with more Kirk Franklin (does he ever sing?) inspiring the whole crowd and worshiping and then a powerful video story about a young man who was born without eyes or an ability to straighten his limbs but a great musical ability. He then performed for us.

  • How much does motivation and inspiration really matter? – Staggering affect when look at the stats and research; Jr. high championship and coach says to the team, “Play like Hybels…” Then he whispers on way back into the game, “Take it up a notch”;
  • Whose job is it to keep me motivated? – King David…”He encouraged himself in God”; decided never to blame anybody else for lack of motivation; team/church shouldn’t have to put up with a leader who is moping around; how do I have to live my life to stay motivate (to live in an inspired state)
  • Staying Motivated: Stay crystal clear about my calling from God; on a mission from God; it’s torture to work without a purpose; if not clear about calling, drop everything possible until it’s clear
  • Make sure I’m leveraging my spiritual gifts the way God gave them to me.
  • Make sure the people around us are inspiring people; people who give you a positive emotional jolt when they walk in your office;
  • Read great books; biographies of people who face obstacles
  • Get around exceptionally inspiring people
  • Participate in events that are inspiring; example of kids with challenges fishing event in their pond and helping smaller WCA churches raise money for their first building; loves speaking to small groups especially;
  • Pay attention to my physical disciplines; Increases energy
  • Pay attention to my working environment; make it a place I want to be.
  • A compelling recreational activity outside of work; see it in great leaders; Colin Powell and Volvos
  • Cultivating your relationship with God through daily spiritual practices; one year of reflecting on Romans 12
  • Whose job is it to inspire the people around me? What’s the best way? By living a motivated life in front of them! Are you willing to pay the price and assume responsibility for your own inspiration.
  • Connect everyone you lead to a compelling cause; show how what they do on daily basis serves the greater cause
  • Learn the inspiration language of the people on your team; people want to be inspired in different ways; this is hard and burdensome to the leader
  • Remove demotivating factors and dynamics
  • What would a church look like if everyone in it were inspired? Acts 2… gave to the poor… people in community respected and were saved…