First Impressions Weekly Update

More cards have come in and most I posted a couple of days ago were from the previous week. I'm noticing a little bit of a disturbing trend. More people are mentioning that only one or two "official" (i.e., "paid to be nice and welcoming people") people talked to them and no one else did. Once is a fluke. Twice still may be a fluke. Thrice suggests a loss of diligence. Let's all be diligent on this. Look for folks sitting by you that you don't know and strike up a conversation. "Hi, I'm Henry. I don't think we've met." It will take off from there. Thanks.

  • Thank you for being a blessing.
  • I’ve attended twice and I may be old-fashioned (only 35), but was only asked to open the Bible to a verse once. If I need “self-help” I can read Tony Robbins on my own time. I go to church to get instruction, wisdom, guidance, etc… from a Bible-based sermon. Was the lack of Scripture reading the exception or the norm?
  • Pastor Williams and the women at the coffee shop were the only ones that spoke to us. The music was terrific and Pastor Williams had a great message. We will attend again, I’m sure.
  • We were impressed with the number of First Impression Ministry Staff. Very friendly. We could see the children’s wing and check in/check out process was thoroughly thought out.
  • The service was wonderful. It was very informative. As always (I have attended the church several times in the past) Pastor Henry rocked!