Hudson Launch News

Here's a summary of recent developments regarding the Hudson launch from the Go prayer team enewsletter:

  • Bob Brueggen (campus pastor) and is wife Dottie attended a new member’s reception for the Hudson Chamber of Commerce on a Thursday evening in June.  It was an opportunity to present our ministry to almost 200 of Hudson’s business leaders and place information into the hands of some of these leaders.  They distributed almost 100 “It’s Coming” cards to these leaders donated four Five Oaks worship CD’s as a door prize. 
  • We had a picnic for our Launch team members on June 23 at Lakefront Park.  Approximately 35 members took part on an almost perfect day for a picnic.  The day afforded an opportunity for launch team members to connect and leaders to further build their teams.  We hope to do more of this in upcoming months.
  • God has provided individuals to serve as the leaders of the Music & Worship Ministry Team.  This ministry team will be co-led by Ellen Levang (Worship Leader), who will over see the vocalists of the worship team and lead the team in the worship services and Jonathan Haage (Worship Director) who will oversee the Music and Worship Team, instrumentalists, and audio-visual-lighting technologies of the worship service. 
  • Jonathan Haage recently reported that almost 99% of the equipment we need has been purchased and arrived. Jonathan and Dave Gafford have put a great deal of time and effort in researching, bargaining, buying, etc. over the past six months.
  • Ann Paulson has done a marvelous job in creating promotional pieces for Five Oaks Hudson. 
  • We participated in the Booster Day Parade on June 30. Our entries were a 1918 Ford Model T car (owned and driven by Floyd Jaehnert; Cindy Wiant riding shotgun) and Dana Hayden’s Ford Ranger pick-up.  We iced down over 500 hundred of our personalized “Five Oaks Hudson” bottles of water, 400+ “freezies” for the kids and placed them in coolers in the back of the pickup for distribution along the parade route.  Since we were #86 in a line-up of a little more than 100 entries, and the weather was sunny and warm that day, most people along the route we more than ready for us when we got rolling.  We distributed all we had by the end of the parade along with hundreds of “It’s Coming” promo cards. This was a high-touch day between the people of Five Oaks and the Hudson Community.  Special thanks to the Lockners, Giesregens, Burquests, Cindy Wiant, Jonathan Brueggen, Peggy Nickel, Peggy friend (sorry, I can’t recall her name) and Dan Juntune for their legwork in the parade.
  • The Logistics and Music and Worship teams will begin training on setting up, packing up and powering up the various systems we will be using at Hudson Middle School.  Our aim is to eliminate as many glitches and surprises once we are on location in Hudson.
  • Dan Juntune, leader of the Logistics Team, will be recruiting and building logistics crews for weekly set-up and take-down of our equipment. 
  • We are hoping and praying that before school resumes in late summer we will have been able to undertake a couple of service projects for the Hudson school district. 
  • Continue to pray for the leadership of Five Oaks as they begin envisioning the next location to which Five Oaks Community Church will go.  Ask that God would to infuse and expand a church-planting mentality, culture and movement into those who call Five Oaks home.
  • Next Hudson Launch Team meeting is to be another picnic in Hudson of all those who are part of the Five Oaks Hudson launch team.  This  will be a great opportunity to see who’s going with you and to build  our community before we start meeting in September.  Tentative date is July 28, time and location  TBD.