Frontline Report

Here's a new monthly feature for this blog. Every month the Board receives a ministry report from three ministries and we rotate through the various ministries throughout the year. Leaders are asked to keep it short--one page with about three or so bullet points. It's a quick snapshot, a report from the front lines of ministry. Here's this month's report:

Communications – Ann Paulson

  • Promotional material production is underway for the Hudson campus.  Handouts including 3 x 3 cards and water bottles with the Five Oaks Hudson logo have been produced and handed out at community events.  A billboard on I94E has been secured to promo the opening.  Other material will be forthcoming.
  • A new Five Oaks logo has been designed/produced and will be incorporated over the next few weeks.
  • Impact cards for the Epic, Theology for Dummies, and Parental Guidance Required message series were written, produced and mailed out.
  • New web site is nearly complete.

First Impressions – Ashley Perry

  • First Impressions now consists of 8 teams:

Greeters (Colleen Berg)                   
Ushers (Brad Wiger)
Acorn Café (Kelly Petzold)               
Guest Services (Jody Yanez)
Safety & Security (Kent O’Grady)            
White Glove (Jayme Ersfeld)
Parking Lot (Mark Wilde)               
Saturday Meals (Loretta Haley)

  • We are currently collecting recommitments from this year’s volunteers to serve again in the upcoming year and planning Breakfast Orientation for September 8th, 2007.
  • We are gearing up for the August 2007 volunteer expo to invite new volunteers onto the First Impressions teams.
  • We held a Team Leader Training Workshop on June 13th for all team leaders reviewing and discussing plans for the upcoming year.

Worship Ministry – David Gafford

  • I have confirmed the following positions for the Hudson campus:

Worship Arts Director – Jonathan Haage
Worship Leader – Ellen Levane
Technical Coordinator – Jim Roots

  • We are working on aligning the equipment between Woodbury and Hudson so that we only have to teach and troubleshoot one system.  Our volunteers are excited!
  • We have dates setup for sound, video-graphics, load-in and load-out, and setup training for the Hudson campus in the Woodbury campus CLC.  We have also scheduled rehearsals for Ellen, Jonathan, and the team to get together for rehearsals with the new systems.
  • I have created a new worship arts team website with active updatable scheduling. You can visit at
  • We have been writing systems and applications for each volunteer position that we have here at Five Oaks.  In the worship arts area, we have over 50 different volunteer positions.