"The Oaks" Team

Dana got this email update from one of our family mission trip leaders in Mexico, Dave Barr. Dave mentions Tommy Oaks. I've heard Tommy speak and they are in for an unbelievable extra treat. He's one of the best story tellers/camp speakers I've heard.

Hey Dana,

Construction Day 2 is complete, and things are looking good.  All the walls are up, and the roof structure is on.  We have some plywood that is not really 4X8 so we have some challenges there.

Camp is great too.  Tommy Oaks is the main speaker.  He's excellent.  He and his two sons are on our work team, so we've been able to interact with him a lot.  Our team is known as the "Oaks."

At least two members of our team are going to be baptized on Thursday as well.  One of them is Reagan, so we are very excited!

We'll be home soon with lots of stories.